This started out to be a collection of pictures that would show and name the known goat patterns. These colors and patterns would help in registering our colored angora kids. In looking at 1000’s of pictures to find the patterns to match the description we are producing more that do not match the written descriptions than that do match. The reason is simple the color and pattern for angora goat is a solid white, We as colored angora goat breeders are trying to get the colors and patterns out from under the solid white. When they show up they are every possible color and pattern possible in goats. The published and recognized patterns are bred or goat type specific plus a couple that are unique to angora goats

Need More Pictures It would be nice to have pictures to fill out the Agouti Pattern Page. Here are the pattern descriptions for the pictures needed.

Black Mask Abm tan with black on head, brisket, and down the spine. Pale stripes on head may overlap with white or tan. Can be white.

Repartida Arp black front half (generally lacking light eye bars), tan rear half, legs black on backs and tan on fronts, black sides on thighs.

Fishy Afsh black front half of belly tan and rear half black, black udder or scrotum, medium wide bars on face, legs with continuous black strips down fronts.

Lateral Stripes Als as “black and tan” but a darker zone on belly, reversed leg stripes (black back portions).

There are pictures on the CAGBA Patterned goats that are needed.

Black and White dark front , light rear, no facial stripes

Tog Dark body and belly, light facial and leg stripes

We can always use good pictures to add to the story of colored angora goats. Send them to